My roots run deep in Utah's Pioneer heritage.

My great grandfather on my father's side immigrated to Utah in the mid 1800's from Denmark. He was among the first settlers in the Brigham City area. My mother's heritage includes eighteenth century family members who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Their descendants were among the early settlers of Box Elder County. Originally, my mother's progenitors came from Wales and Great Britain.

Maybe that's where I get my love of public service. Wherever it comes from, I just can't seem to quit.

In 1974 I began a four-year term as a member of the Brigham City Council. This was followed by serving three successive four-year terms as Mayor of Brigham City. After sixteen years in elected office I thought I had enough -- or I thought the citizens of Brigham City had had enough of me, so I didn't run for a fourth term as Mayor. I had been out of office for four years when I had a late night visit from my State Representative. He came to let me know he wasn't going to run for re-election and he thought I should run for his seat. I told him that my wife would not like that idea. He countered that he had already spoken with her and she was very supportive. With that, I was hooked!

And that's why I'm running again. I feel that my leadership position in the Utah Senate, and my unique insight regarding how government functions on every level in this state, make me the best candidate for Senate District 17.

I'm looking forward to Earning Your Vote.

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